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“Strong talent, strong Dymind”. In order to meet the needs of Dymind's high-speed development for talents and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, a "DMS" training system with Dymind characteristics has been established.
Plan D
"D" is not only the initial of the company's initial letter of"dymind", but also "development", which is the meaning of development.The company has high hopes for the development and advancement of managers' ability in training. In the "D" plan logo, "1" means that senior managers are not only the "leader" of the department, but also the core leader of the company. From the perspective of shape, the "1" in the middle is surrounded to form the letter "D", which means that the senior leaders will cooperate with the company's employees, work together, and lead the team of Dymind to excellence and glory.
Plan M
The name of the training theme for middle-level managers is "Plan M", the so-called "Plan M". From the perspective of meaning, M is both the first letter of "mai" in Chinese and "manage" in English. It echoes the theme of Dymind management training. From the shape point of view, "M" is like a wild goose, with the meaning of leading and; it also stands like two mountains upright, with the meaning of endeavor and perseverance, which fits the meaning and purpose of manager training. As the central system of Dymind, the middle-level managers will adhere to the goal of “taking the navigator as a teacher and walking with the best”, aligning with the senior managers, leading department employees, overcoming difficulties, and striving for high performance.
Plan S
The "S" program is a training camp program tailor-made for fresh graduates, helping them successfully realize the role change from students to Dymind people. The training camp includes cultural courses, quality development, and hands-on exercises. In terms of meaning, "S" has the initial spelling of the English letter "star", which means "new star" and "future star". It carries Dymind's expectations for the fresh blood, and youth with Dymind, Dream shared mission!
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