Automatic Hematology Analyzer, POCT


Single-use reagent kit, Free maintenance

As the first POCT Automatic Hematology Analyzer with CBC+CRP+SAA,

DP-H10 focuses on providing more efficient,

convenient and clinically relevant services to vairous labs

sMart- Multiple

Intergrated items of CBC+CRP+SAA was first applied to the POCT automatic hematology analyzer,
which can provide comprehensive clinical information about bacterial infection and virus infection.

smArt- Advanced

With classical impedance method, WBC&RBC&PLT can be detected according
to the amount and volume of various components. Cyanide-free colorimetry
method is used for HGB concentration. And as for specific protein items,
latex-enhanced nephelometry in DP-H10 can improve intensity and accuracy
of CRP & SAA.

Intergrated single kit design is applied to DP-H10, which can greatly reduce reagent waste and save costs.

Tiny size and large color screen contributes to saving labs space and enhancing operators' interactive experience, which is suitable to the small labs, emergency department, clinic, etc.

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