AI Automatic Hematology Analyzer with RET


AI Cube Technology, Efficient, Comprehensive

With brand new AI cube technology,

DH-615 indicates accurate and comprehensive information

of 6 DIFF and RET parameters,

which can provide trusty means for hematological diagnosis.

We provide the RET parameter for the first time in DH-615, including HFR, MFR, LFR. RET are mainly distinguished according to different fluorescence intensity, while IRF generally refers to HFR and MFR, which plays an extremely important part in anemia and other aspects. It is mainly used to monitor and evaluate hematopoietic function of bone marrow.

Impedance method is used in WBC/RBC/PLT counting under normal circumstances, but when abnormal histogram is caused by abnormal cells, automatic correction function of optical channel of the instrument will be triggered to ensure the accuracy of RET.


Sample volume


Records storge

Semi-conductor based laser scattering Technology
+ Fluorescence Method + Flow Cytometry

DH-615 applied AI analysis technology,
taking the first step in innovation of hematology analyzers with RET.

The first application of a complete interpretable protocol commonly
used in the medical field to a hematology analyzer.

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