5-Part Hematology + CRP +SAA Joint Detection Analyzer


Automatic, Reliable, Efficient

Flow cytometry (FCM) + Tri-angle laser scatter for WBC differentiation

Impedance method for WBC/BAS, RBC and PLT test

Cyanide free colorimetry for HGB test

Latex-enhanced scattering immunoturbidimetry for CRP and SAA test

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Reportable Parameters:

CRP, Hs-CRP, SAA, WBC, Neu#, Lym#, Mon#, Eos#, Bas#, Neu%, Lym%, Mon%, Eos%, Bas%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC


Sample volume


Reportable parameters

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